September 22, 2010

Why Would Anyone Want To Hear an 'Idol' announcement? Apparently 'American Idol' Agrees - No One Wants To Hear About New Season

Wednesday’s well-hyped “American Idol” webcast was lacking something. Well, in addition to any shockers (hey, who didn’t know Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez were joining "Idol"?). The real missing element was sound.

Nice going, music show.

“Idol’s” attempt to reach the plugged-in masses via a live online video stream turned into an almost entirely audio-free experience. In fact, other than a quote or two about finding “the next Michael Jackson” from J.Lo (good luck with that) and Tyler’s promise to “bring some rock to this roller coaster," the only other sound was a high-pitched beep guaranteed to drive web dogs mad.

If the powers-that-be had any questions about how the big announcement fail went over with fans, all they had to do was glance at the scrolling list of heckles that they managed to correctly embed on the site.

Eventually, a full 50 minutes after the originally scheduled event and long after everyone knew what to expect on the televised talent show’s 10th season, the no-longer-live event replayed with a somewhat successful audio do-over.

Host Ryan Seacrest also addressed the boo-boo and tweeted, "We ran into some audio issues with the #IdolJudges live stream, but here's video of the entire reveal."

I'll save you from Linking that actual video. You're welcome.


  1. never got into this show. i was averse to the fad of Americans Loving to Be Told They're Stupid By A British Accent.

    see also, The Weakest Link

  2. I wished they'd stop that damn show..

  3. i wonder what will happen to this show now.

  4. looks like fun!

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