August 30, 2010

Mystic Beheads Infant In Ritual He Believed Would Lend Him Supernatural Powers

From the AP:

<"During questioning, he said he had a dream and heard a voice saying he would get extraordinary healing powers if he sacrificed a male child," Mr Murugesan said. Gafoor, aided by a female accomplice, had collected a bottle of the child's blood and then buried the torso, after which he performed various rituals before throwing the bottle into the sea. Mr Murugesan said Gafoor had led police to the burial site where the body was found with a garland of beads, some "holy ash" and the portrait of a goddess.>

So, anyone tried beheading him yet? Because I'm hearing a voice right now telling me that his sacrifice might grant me the ability to hate one less Idiot in the world.

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